3 Leeds escorts that we want to book

It’s not often we go all the way out to Leeds, but whenever we do there are guaranteed to be escorts involved. There are a great many fabulous girls in the area, a few of which we’ve met, and a few that we have yet to meet.

If you happen to be visiting or living in Leeds and have the unique opportunity of booking the escorts there, here are the agency escorts top 3 Leeds escorts that we want to meet for an exciting encounter!

Lucy Leeds
Lucy Leeds.

#1: Lucy Leeds the independent busty blonde

This stunning lady boast some really electrifying glamour shots on her website, and we’ve only heard remarkable things about Lucy Leeds down the grape vine. This lady provides a lot of services and we have heard that Lucy makes for an excellent companion for incalls. Easily our most desired escort currently working in Leeds.


#2: Abbie independent Leeds lady

We’ve seen Abbie quite a few times around the web on listing sites like backpage and she has always piqued our interest. She’s got an amazingly cute smile and seems to be quite a prolific part of the Leeds escort industry. Worth considering booking indeed.


#3: Alesia mysterious beautiful escort

The talk about Alesia is only good things, we’re not sure how it would transition into an escort encounter or if she’d be any good, but Alesia is definitely very attractive in her selfies and we think she’d make for a fantastic Leeds punt.


Want more.. ?

If you are looking for the best of the Leeds escort industry, be sure to leave a comment below for the team at The Agency Escorts!  We’ll be happy to help you with more expert service providers in the local Leeds and Yorkshire area.

Sexy Women in Marbella

The gorgeous sexy women working for agencies such as 2nd Circle Marbella Escorts and Marbella Beauties from The Marbella Escort Agency arrive in Marbella from al over the world and are of every imaginable nationality and race. And they are quite the opposite of the cookie-cutter porn-star look-alikes that most people seem to expect.


They also represent an enormous diversity in terms of looks, physique and style. Eastern Europeans, latinas, Scandinavians, Asians, Russians. Redheads, blondes, brunettes. Some are petite, others tall. They might be Playboy-model booby  or fashion-model slim; athletic and sporty or curvy and cushioned. But they do have some things in common.


The finest escorts in Marbella sensual, glamorous, elegant and exceptionally sexy. When they walk into a room you can feel the charge and the change in the energy. Mens breath catches in their throats and even the eyes of other women are drawn to them.


Women want to be them and men want to have them.


Of course, in reality most females can´t reach the levels of physical perfection and beauty that the women of 2nd Circle and The Marbella Escort Agency possess. Even in one of the shopping and plastic surgery capitals of the world, where gyms sit on every corner and whole swathes of the economy are based on the concept that you can become anything (anyone) you want, these sexy and desirable women are unmatchable.


And that is without The Unknown Thing; the element that marks a woman out as being unspeakably sexy instead of just good looking. The thing that makes some woman who are beautiful and glamorous just not that sexy, while others are desired by every man without being symmetrical or perfect.


Of course, the best escorts in Marbella and the Costa Del Sol come with both perfection and va va voom!


And as for the men who want to have them; why not? Any man who chooses to (and can afford to!) is able to spend time with the sexiest and most desirable women in the world. They just have to look at a website, make a phone call or contact 2nd Circle or The Marbella Escort Agency by WhatsApp.


How amazing to then have a choice of which of these stunning women to spend time with. No pressure or stress of approach them across a bar, no fear of rejection, no judgement. Just friendly, sexy and charming company for as long as you want. An hour, overnight, for a weekend or longer.


And for the economically minded, let us be honest; an exciting and erotically thrilling time with a professional high-class escort will probably only cost as much (or less) than a night out with an uncertain outcome with a potentially unenthusiastic amateur!

Best Cocktail Bars In London

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a brilliant cocktail in the capital you should try the Milk and Honey cocktail bar, this establishment has 3 floors of brilliance. This bar is members only club so if you want to enjoy a brilliant cocktail you will have to become a member however if you choose to become a member its most definitely worth it with this bar serving some of the best cocktails in the whole of the capital. The low-lit venue with booths and lounges give this place an incredibly relaxing vibe. This is the ideal location to be joined by a stunning Colchester escort.

One of the best cocktail bars in London goes by the name of The Bar With No Name, yes this bar has no name now that’s original. This cocktail bar opened back in 2009 and hasn’t stopped making a name for since then one of the reasons this bar has made such a name for itself is the brilliant staff, they really do go the extra mile to make sure your stay with them is of the highest order. A little tip, when ordering a cocktail stick around and watch the professional mixologists prepare your cocktail it really is a spectacle. This is the ideal spot to take a beautiful Colchester escort.

If you’re looking for a more upbeat atmosphere from a cocktail bar you should visit the Adventure Bar, this is unlike most cocktail bars having a real party atmosphere. This establishment offers a great party atmosphere with some incredible cocktails so if you’re looking for somewhere a little different to party it up this is definitely the location for you. This place is ideal to be joined an eye-catching and sophisticated Colchester escort to enjoy a brilliant cocktail before venturing into more private surroundings to enjoy the time of your life.

Belgravia escorts at Cadogan Hall

What are they doing there you might well ask.  Well, these particular Belgravia escorts have quite a passion for jazz and many different types of music, and Cadogan Hall this June has something that may very well interest them (and perhaps you too!)

Even if you don’t like jazz that much, Cadogan Hall hosts a number of great music events from many genres.  However, this is for the jazz heads out there in the city.  Like some of the Belgravia escorts we represent, you may well jump at the chance to see live jazz performances.  In particular on June 11th Cadogan Hall will be home to Will Todd’s London concert choir and band bringing a lovely mix of classical and jazz in Mass on Blue.

Jazz has many roots in American culture of course, and it’s here where Todd draws his inspiration.  He has always had his feet in both camps when it comes to his classical training and his love of American jazz and blues, so the inclusion of a full choir in Mass on Blue will be something you, and perhaps one of our Belgravia escorts, will enjoy very much indeed.

Belgravia escorts and music

Jazz, blues, soul, classical, opera, rock, or any mixture of these.  You name it and one of our Belgravia escorts will be into it.  Music is a passion and these young women have lots of that!  When you get to go out to so many different venues all the time, you tend to develop a very discerning taste for the arts and culture in general; music being one of the favourites of course.  It’s not unusual to find these beautiful companions dancing away to the latest club tunes with their friends one night and then sitting at the opera or the ballet the next with a client; they appreciate both very well indeed.

Appreciation might not of course be adoration.  One thing you will get from professional escorts is honesty and true taste.  If they’re not into it they’ll let you know, but they’ll also be able to tell you exactly why and hold it in comparison to something else they’ve seen or heard.  The opinion of a well-rounded, travelled and cultured escort should be at least considered.  You will find them to be intellectually stimulating and challenging, making for the perfect dinner date.

Where is Cadogan Hall?

You can find Cadogan Hall on Sloane Terrace, not far at all from Sloane Square tube station.  Victoria, Knightsbridge and Kensington tube stations are a bit further away and you may need to grab a cab if you’re around there.  Tickets to the jazz show go up to £30, which isn’t too bad at all for something of this magnitude; it really is a must see!

How to Book a Harrogate Escort

If you’re looking to book one of the many gorgeous escorts in Harrogate then there are many different places you can go to find one, however my personal favourite has to be Heavenly escorts. Their girls are all practically flawless and are some of the most dedicated girls to their craft that I have ever seen. All you need to do is call the number on their website after having a quick browse through their galleries and then you can make a booking with one of their stunning girls in no time at all, it really is that simple.

If you’re not feeling confident about your booking then it’s important to remember that preparation is key. As long as you have prepared yourself adequately it is easy to make sure everything goes perfectly and it’s not all that hard to prepare yourself, just take a long shower, have a thorough shave and make sure your best clothes are washed and ironed ready for the booking, maybe put on a little of that expensive aftershave you got for Christmas. Make sure you’re looking your best and all that remains is to ensure that you turn up as close to the agreed meeting time as possible, absolutely do not be late under any circumstances.

Please remember that it is common courtesy to pay the girl in full and in cash within the first 10 minutes of your booking, so make sure you have it ready and waiting for her before you leave, preferably in a sealed envelope and also do not be offended if she checks the money in front of you before she proceeds with the booking. So long as you remember these simple steps, you can be confident about your booking and you are almost guaranteed an amazing night that you will remember for a very long time to come.

Why you should not book london escorts

There are a load of reasons for why you should not book cheap London escorts; there are also some reasons why you would want to book them. In this article I am going to weigh up the benefits of going high or going low when it comes to finding that perfect date. Cheap escorts are often tempting and I can see why because looking around Google will reveal a pleather of amazing looking escort agencies and equality looking girls; its true that you can book an amazing London escort for as little as £100 but not everything is as it seems on face value. I have made this article for people who have not booked escorts before and what to have a genuine take on what to go for and what not to.

I am sorry to say it but cheap London escorts are almost always not the route to take. If you are reading this after looking around Google and seeing the flashy escort sites with amazing looking ladies, you are probably thinking to yourself; “well the girls look really hot, why the hell should I not pick up the phone right now?!”. The simple answer to this is the girl on the website is probably not the girl you will meet.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the cheap London escort agencies that you have seen are not setting out to intentionally rob you. The girl on the website probably does work for them but ( in my experience) I have found that a lot of the time they will try and offer you a different lady because “She is away on holiday” which is pretty much short code for she is out on another booking and will not be able to see you. This is not what you get with a high class escort service as they will go to the effort to put only the girls who are not booked out on the website. This saves a lot of frustration and of course time.

In some cases the ladies will not every work for an escort agency at all! I have seen some sites which simply take the images from Russian modelling agencies and put them on the website. You can find out if the website has done this by opening Google images in a new window and dragging the picture in.

the layout of London escorts websites

The layout of many escort websites are pretty basic but do what they say on the tin, really when it comes to booking ladies there are not too many things that we want.

It really is a simple thing and most are just column websites which showcase loads of London escorts in a simple way, people really do seem to like this way and it’s the agencies with the most simple sites that seem to get the most bookings.

All escort agencies have a homepage, they have a gallery page which features all the girls, most have little bits underneath them which tell you a little about the girls, where they are based or what they offer. Click on the thumbnail of the escort and you will be taken through to her profile, on her profile you will find out lots more about the escort in question.

A escorts profile on a escort agency website normally tells you a little about the ladies personality, it also tells you about her ages, size and where she is from, it will also tell you her rates for both incalls and outcalls and also what she likes and what she offers. If the agency is any good it will also tell you which tube stations are the closest, most people use the London underground to get around and if you can plan in advance which station to get to it normally cuts down on wasted time.

A lot of London escort agencies have introduced a duo escorts gallery, this gallery features ladies that duo together, there is more and more call from people who are looking to see more than one escort at a time and the agencies are making it easier for you to pick.

Rachael London Escorts Agency website even have a rates page which explain the way that the agency works, this gets rid of any confusion if you have never used an agency before if you have these guys have a very good reputation.

I enjoy looking at both their Facebook and Twitter pages, this escort agency always posts lots of stuff to them and is a great way to get things updated. Sometimes it is easier for me to view these with out people looking to deep into it, some of us punters have to keep this part of our lives hidden from our other half’s.

The Kensington Hotel

Looking for a fine place to be staying in London? Perhaps you are visiting London or perhaps you are just looking for the perfect get away in an affluent hotel. Perhaps one of the most affluent places to stay in London is the Kensington Hotel. Kensington is a very high class part of London and is home to some of the most wealthy residents in the entire city, some of which make often stays at The Kensington Hotel because it is the most luxury hotel in this area and maybe the entire city. Sometimes there is nothing nicer than being treated to the highest standards and a stay at The Kensington Hotel is the perfect example for this.

Relax in pure luxury and experience for yourself how the other half get to live their daily lives in London. This hotel is by no means a cheap option for a stay in London in fact it is rather expensive, this being said you do really get what you pay for and that is an incredible place to stay topped by the most amazing service from their friendly yet very professional staff. The wealthy residents of London stay in The Kensington Hotel in the company of beautiful London escorts because it is perhaps the most perfect place to give a good first impression to a total stranger who is attractive, charming and sophisticated. If you are planning a visit to The Kensington Hotel with a beautiful escort I would recommend one of Casino London Models busty London escorts who are able to provide an experience like no other escort from any other agency. Having a Casino London Models escort by your side in a hotel as amazing as The Kensington Hotel can only lead to an experience you will not forget and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an escort from this wonderful London escort agency.

My New Favorite Newcastle Escort Agency

Before I start I would like to say thank you to the owner of this blog for allowing me to write a guest blog. It means a lot that that I can express my opinion on a different blog. Make sure to check out my blog if you enjoy this post. You can find my blog at the following link: https://premiumescortsnewcastle.wordpress.com/

So I have been all over England booking escorts from multiple agencies and after all of this I have only found one agency that truly stands out to me. Many other agencies I have visited just seem stale and that the girls are in a rut and that is why I have settled on an agency that provide me with an amazing service and that is in my hometown. So I live in Newcastle so my main priority was finding an agency that provided me with an unforgettable experience which was relatively close to home.

After booking companions from multiple agencies and to no prevail I eventually came across an agency that provided me with what I wanted and at a reasonable price. The agency that I found was Premium Escorts. At first I was a little sceptical about going with a newly set-up agency like Premium Escorts but I am glad I did, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had and is why they are the only agency I will ever go with.

Now you may be wondering what in my opinion makes them an outstanding escort agency and well its a few things. First off for a newly established escort agency they really know what they are doing and to be honest it’s a godsend. Many agencies I have been two have been around for years and many of them don’t even know how to organise their companions and it really puts a downer on the evening.

Something else that Premium Escorts does well is that they only provide the very best escorts in Newcastle. Each one of their girls look their very best and you will understand when you see one of them. As you can expect when I was meeting one of their girls for the first time I only had a copy of the girl’s images of her profile and when she came in I was blown away from what I was seeing she actually looked like her picture. The thing is some agencies use fake pictures and this has happened to me in the past.

So I’m not going to keep rambling why I love Premium escorts but I really recommend them if you live or are visiting the Newcastle area.

Mayfair escorts at The Clermont Club with

What could be more James Bond than that?  One of the best casinos in the city of London, accompanied by one of the most beautiful women in London.  Virtually all of the Mayfair escorts you see on our website have spent time in this place and they’ve all loved it!

Quite literally in the heart of Mayfair, at 44 Berkeley Square, The Clermont Club has earned itself a reputation of being one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.  It’s surprising therefore that not many people have heard of it.  Perhaps the proprietors prefer it this way in order to maintain its exclusivity?

The Clermont Club was originally set up in order to service the aristocrats in the 60’s, and not much has changed.  The original members were primarily high society types, celebrities and professional gamblers.  This helped build The Clermont’s reputation as being one of the best casinos in England.  Even Ian Fleming was a member at one point.  You remember him?  The author of the James Bond novels.  Who knows the year Casino Royale was written?  Perhaps The Clermont inspired it?

Personalised gambling?

The Clermont’s high society clientele has necessitated the inclusion of personalised gaming experiences, including private rooms where you can gamble among the company of friends and chosen acquaintances.  You certainly wouldn’t be able to play Blackjack at any other casino in London in the same way as you can here.  This is made all the more “James Bondesque”, if you will, with the inclusion of one of our beautiful Mayfair escorts; or femme fatales if you prefer!

Mayfair escorts for the most discerning clientele

Of course, being in the middle of Mayfair and being so very exclusive, you would expect only the pickiest of patrons.  The Clermont set are indeed a discerning bunch, but if there ever was an escort to suit their needs, it would simply have to be one of our Mayfair escorts!  We’re not just talking about your average Joe off the street here.  We’re talking about “top of the heap” material!  Are you one of these?

Membership only

Of course you wouldn’t expect a club as exclusive as The Clermont to be easy to get into.  You can’t even apply online to this place.  Application procedures can only be started off by personally appearing at the club and stating your intention.  If you are indeed some form of VIP, we’re pretty certain you’ll get in when you show up however; you are after all their type.  So do yourself a favour and look into The Clermont.  We are very well aware that some of our clients are indeed affluent and influential enough to be patrons of such a place, if they’re not already!

Book Mayfair escorts for the best night of your life from Mayfair Escorts